Wednesday, November 25, 2020



BEAUTIFUL things happen when you become the LORD's own.

The HOLY SPIRIT is sent to help you, with the LORD taking note of all your prayers, your efforts, your destiny (which only God knows, for He created you), and the desire to serve Him.

In my case, since I'm a curious cat for God's TRUTH alone, and I kept bugging Him, night and day, to please show me His TRUTH, so I don't mislead anyone, well, He showed up in a different way.

I did want to know EVERYTHING about GOD.

Seeing my great resolve, God asked this this little workman of His, asking in GREAT amusement:

"You sure you really want to serve ME?"

With me replying, jumping up and down, in GREAT excitement, "I DO, I DO!"

So, He gave me a HUGE magnifying glass, and a cool KING JAMES VERSION Bible, the kind with JESUS' Words in red letters, and a previously-loved gamer's laptop gifted by a couple, yey!

Now, I know EXACTLY which WORDS are the LORD's, so I can study them, and share with you.

Not only that, mind you.

The HOLY SPIRIT -- the teacher of all things -- made me write in a different way, as I shared Scripture.

JESUS made me "divide" His verses, a word, a phrase, at a time, so you'll find it easier to understand, and also know the POWER of EACH word He inspired in SCRIPTURE.

Like I said, the LORD knows my heart, for He created me.

He knows I like to SIMPLIFY the complicated.

He knows I am EAGER to share His WORD.

He knows I have LOVE for Him.

He knows I have LOVE for you.

He knows I have the ZEAL for Him and our work together.

He knows I am NUTS about words, thinking they're "toys".


He knows I am CRAZY enough to take on such a HUGE assignment.

(Of course, I didn't know it was going to be such a HUGE assignment. Baby CHRISTIANS don't, till I started studying the Bible, listening to His "prompts", following those prompts,  researching, comparing notes, and lo, and behold!)

The BLOGS just kept CREATING themselves.

I can't stop, not that I would want to.

For as long as there is breath in this tiny baby CHRISTIAN body, I'll serve the LORD with ALL my heart!

I think He kinda likes that, so He kept inspiring me each day, with more material to work on.

So, He watches the back of the head of this tiny workman, in diapers, crawling all over His MAP, putting stick pins, sticky notes, here and there, "charting" courses, standing up occasionally, aiming to get a BIGGER picture, and commanding all that "research", as if a tiny general, with no army, but GOD, and herself.

Well, maybe she's got a tiny army somewhere, but God's not showin'.

He wants her to FOCUS, using that HUGE magnifier to pursue that clue, that lead, God gave her.

And boy, does she set out to do just that!

He also knows she has a thing about organizing His WORDS, thus, the tabs, and this blog you're reading now.

It's the only way she won't get lost, with the VOLUME of material streaming forth each day.

She's like a walking indexer of God's WORD, figuring out where to put which.

Does she get overwhelmed at the task?

Not if you THINK like an excited child.

Not if you LOVE God.

Not if you LOVE your work.

Not if you LOVE serving the LORD.

Not if you WANT to get His WORDS right.

Not if you CARE about others, that they, too, enjoy your DISCOVERIES.

Not if you HAVE the patience, and the perseverance.

Not if you LOVE finding CLUES, and seeing it through.

Not if you LOVE words, like I do, thinking it's some nifty toy.

Not if you LOVE hopping, and skipping, with your hand in the LORD's, as He looks down at you in GREAT amusement, thinking how strange this little creature is.

And yes, I thank GOD for the HUGE magnifying glass.

This strange year -- this 2020 -- was true to form.

Before 2019 ended, I was all excited.

I thought to myself, yey, it's gonna be 2020!


How little I knew of the challenges that would ensue.

But heck, God gave me a HUGE magnifying glass to help my tiny eyes.

He knew I'd "see".

Only because He sent His HOLY SPIRIT to help me out.

And boy, did we SEE!

All the blogs you see (not a pun) listed here are the result of ALL that "seeing".

As such, expect the workman's work to continue.

With GREAT heart, and DELIGHT!

For GOD is with me.

4 There is one body, 

and one Spirit, 

even as ye are called in one hope 

of your calling;

Ephesians 4:4 

King James Version

Updated 26 January 2022

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